Tuberculosis: why everyone has a risk of getting sick
Tuberculosis has long ceased to be a disease of disadvantaged people - the homeless or drug addicts. Ukraine has declared an epidemic of tuberculosis since 1995, and to this day…

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Allergy-Free Drug Treatment: Is It Possible?
Today allergy is an increased sensitivity to various substances - allergens. Its manifestations are various, the most common are allergic dermatoses (urticaria), respiratory tract allergy (respiratory tract), allergic enteropathy (intestinal…

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Defibrillation: a 10-minute chance to save lives
Defibrillation is the process by which ventricular fibrillation is removed. Fibrillation or ventricular fibrillation is a pathological condition when there are no effective contractions of the heart. This condition cannot…

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The connection between the duration of light day and depression

An umbrella for people is an integral part of life. Therefore, the first scientist, researchers and physicians did not even come up with the idea to investigate its impact on human activity, and even more so on the psycho-emotional state. The first discovery was made at random by psychiatric hospital workers: they noticed that patients with bipolar disorder whose windows are facing the sunny side give more positive results in the treatment. In the autumn and winter many of us plunge into a depressed state. Is it possible to avoid this and does a really light day affect the psycho-emotional state?


Scientists have done a lot of research and discoveries that helped to understand how much the sun affects us. So, on a human body there are two types of rays: infrared and ultraviolet. They have different physical properties and different effects on the body:

Infrared rays create a sense of warmth. They penetrate deeply into the skin, but they bring a lot of benefits. Under their influence vessels expand, blood circulation improves, the activity of the thermoregulation system is activated.

Ultraviolet rays cover a wider range of action. Under their influence, vitamin D and pigment melanin are synthesized. They have a detrimental effect on most types of pathogenic bacteria.

Sunlight helps synthesize melatonin, which is responsible for the internal clock of the body (circadian rhythms). Therefore, when the number of sunshine hours decreases, these rhythms shrink and harmony is broken. Also, a short light day helps to slow down metabolic processes and reduce vital tone.


When it comes to vitamins, vitamin D is mentioned among the latter. Such underestimation risks to lead to negative consequences:

decrease in the absorption of calcium, which in turn leads to bone fractures;

deterioration of hair, nails and skin;

general deterioration of the immune system;

deterioration of mood, in critical cases – depression.

This vitamin actively participates in the synthesis of the tyrosine hydroxylase enzyme. And it, in turn, is irreplaceable in the development of “hormones of happiness” of dopamine and serotonin, as well as adrenaline and norepinephrine.


The best way out of the situation is to take the course of vitamin preparations. They saturate the body with biologically important substances, which are necessary for normalization of all processes of life. However, it is important to understand what vitamins or trace elements are necessary for your body, whether there is a deficiency of vitamin D, and not to think hardly to buy in the pharmacy the first-best vitamin complex.

Excess vitamins and trace elements, as well as their deficiency, can also cause serious health problems. Therefore, first you need to go to your family doctor, take tests and find out your health. And to choose a vitamin complex that suits you, will help a specialist who can be selected from the directory of clinics ITMED.

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